Barnet wins go-ahead to build council homes as part of £65m project

By Adrian Colley in Community News

Work starts soon on building new council homes as part of a £65m project to ease London’s housing headache.

Barnet Council is forging ahead with plans to construct 320 homes.

The work forms part of a much-greater plan to build 27,000 homes in the borough by 2035 – most of them by private developers.

With nearly 400,000 people in the borough and another 76,000 expected to move in by 2040, pressure is mounting to find places for people to live.

Barnet council says that already, estates in Grahame Park, West Hendon, Stonegrove/Spur Road and Dollis Valley are being regenerated.

Dilapidated, housing is being replaced with better modern homes and the regeneration of Barnet’s biggest estates will see 3,000 existing council dwellings replaced with 7,000 homes.

Opendoor Homes, a subsidiary of The Barnet Group, which is owned by Barnet Council has now been given the go-ahead to start building homes by the government body that funds affordable housing in England

And by May work will start on ’in-fill’ sites. The first developments will be at Basing Way, Finchley Church End, and Elmshurst Crescent in East Finchley

These will produce 27 two-bedroom flats and houses. And by the summer of 2020, all 320 planned council should be finished.

But these are a drop in the ocean so far as the 27,000-home target is concerned.

Two years ago, the Barnet Housing Strategy said that Brent Cross/Cricklewood would provide 7,500 new homes and up to 27,000 new jobs over the next 20 years.

Meanwhile Colindale will make the largest housing contribution to the borough over the next 10 years, with approximately 10,000 new homes, of which, in 2015, half had planning permission and ’significant numbers’ were under construction or had been built.

And the The Millbrook Park project will see the regeneration of Mill Hill East and will provide 2,174 new homes of which 324 will be affordable.

In Barnet, a figure a tenant would pay as ’affordable’ rent is regarded as being 65% of market rent.

Derek Rust, deputy chief executive of The Barnet Group, said: “Opendoor Homes represents an exciting new way to help the council deliver affordable new homes for residents.”

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Soraya · 124 days ago · Report

Less than 400 new council homes out of a planned 27,000. Seriously? Barnet needs to build at least 2,500 council homes in order to meet demand. I wonder how many people will be kicked out of Barnet in order to make way for these new homes.

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